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Why FLOATING JETTY  is the Jetty of Choice

  • Simple assembly – the easiest floating jetty system on earth to assemble. Can easily be assembled by one person without getting into the water.
  • Modular and easy to configure – very easy to set up in an infinite number of configurations and to quickly and easily expand season after season.
  • Highly durable construction –backed by an extended product warranty. Rugged wall thickness and U.V. inhibitors designed to provide years of worry-free use.
  • 1000 Series (Low Profile) and 2000 Series (High Profile) – allows the option of choosing the best dock series for any particular situation.
  • Broad range of accessories available  – customise your floating jetty with a wide range of innovative accessories to maximise your enjoyment
  • Aesthetically pleasing – moulded in a Grey Oak colour with an attractive wood grain texture which blends in well with your environment.
  • Maintenance free polyethylene material – will not rust, rot, splinter, peel or corrode. Eliminates costly annual jetty maintenance.
  • A variety of anchoring options are available – choose poles, weights and chains or piling loops to best fit your application.
  • Adjusts to fluctuating water conditions – the unique design of the float chambers trap air on the surface of the water for additional buoyancy.
  • Exceptionally stable  – when properly anchored, provides a safe and stable platform.

To determine which Floating Jetty is best for you, ask yourself a couple of questions:

How am I going to use my floating jetty?

What is the size of the body of water in which my dock will be installed?

1000 Series (LP) has an 8” (20.32cm) freeboard which is perfect for smaller watercraft.
2000 Series (HP) has a 17” (43.18cm) freeboard which is designed for larger watercraft.

Completed Jobs

  • Lakeside Manor Hotel, Virginia
  • Shannon Key West Hotel, Rooskey
  • National Rowing Centre, Ferans, Cork


Lakeside Manor Hotel hosted the Power Boat Racing Championship 2007

National Rowing Centre hosted the European Junior Championship 2008

FLOATING JETTY supply the most up to date solutions for access to Water Based Activities. The product is designed to give maximum value with minimum maintenance.
We are delighted to know that our Jettys have been used in the 2008 European Junion Championship at the National Rowing Centre in Cork and at the 2007 Power Boat Racing Championship in Virginia.
Suitable for heavy and light usages including Jetty/Marina facilities for large vessels, lighter structures for water based activities and smaller boats ( floating diving area, jetty for homes on waterside, boating and canoe clubs facilities, waterside decking, etc, etc, etc). There are 1000’s of uses and 1000’s of configurations to meet every need.